Saturday, May 31, 2008

I {heart} Amazon

I bought my Canon 40D from there in the beginning of May with our tax "rebate" check. About a week or so later Canon started their rebate promotion. I toyed with the idea of returning the 40D and getting a 5D but I realized the price difference was a lot more than I thought (not sure where I got the numbers from, was quite shocked when I saw the prices lol). After realizing it was out of my price range now I felt better about my purchase. Well, that is until I saw that now the 40D was over $100 cheaper! Last night I got up the nerve to email Amazon customer service and ask if they could possibly issue me a credit or if I should just return & re-purchase the item. I was so stoked when I saw an email from them this morning that said they will be issuing me a credit of the difference!

I just discovered their deal of the day too, the only problem is it's just too tempting! lol

I'm off now to go see if DH needs help packing. He needs to be to work at 1:45am and he's just now packing the rest of his things. This is typical for him and something I hate. So, instead of hanging out with the kids for the next 2 hours before they go to bed, he is out sweating in the garage. He could have done this at anytime this week, especially on one of the 3 days he had off, but nope, he waits until the last minute. Gotta love him though. I'll hopefully be catching up online tomorrow, so I might be posting a few times ;) I've got some layouts and other tidbits I want to write about.

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