Friday, May 9, 2008

So glad it's Friday

I am excited that it is finally Friday. Tom is on his way home from Norfolk and will hopefully be out of work for the afternoon (but not getting my hopes up for that one). My house is pretty clean, not perfect and I'm not quite done yet, but I'm pleased with what I got done.

Last night we had some great thunderstorms. Unknown to me until this morning there was also a possible tornado in Stafford County, our satellite went out so I had no clue how bad the weather was. Call me oblivious if you want. lol I was busy cleaning one of my bathrooms and sweeping up all the food left under the table from my dirty children.

I tried out my new camera yesterday, I'm scared of it! lol I don't know what button to control things is where, it seems to be super fast though. I was very close to returning it before I opened it, but Tom said to keep it. I can't wait to have a free minute so I can download the pics to the computer and see how they look. I haven't figured out how to work the live view yet, I'm puzzled by some of the controls. lol

Mother's Day is this Sunday, I just got out some cute little badge albums to the boys grandmas yesterday. I hope they like them, I have a feeling that my mom will probably not be appreciative of it, but oh well. I forgot too that my mom's birthday is the 12th, so we need to figure out something to send her for that, I won't be able to get it in the mail until tomorrow, so it might not make it there on time but hopefully it will only be a day late.

I can't wait for a relaxing weekend, if the kiddos manage to let me have one. I'm going to go clean some more so that hopefully my family will help me keep it clean and it won't be such a big burden on me all the time.

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