Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High Five for no more haircuts!

lol I know it probably seems meaningless to you, and it probably is, but being in the military requires my hubby to get weekly haircuts (sometimes more often if there is an inspection, retirement ceremony, etc). Ever since we got back from MI after the holidays he's been growing his hair out, which means weekly trips to the barbershop. I didn't mind because it was something he wanted to do and it wasn't horribly expensive, just annoying and time consuming (especially if he didn't get it done on Saturday afternoon and had to go on Sunday).

Last night he shaved it all off! :) Deep down I am super happy but I feel bad, he said it was getting expensive and I feel bad for complaining about money so often. But now all it takes is him going to take a shower on Sunday night and shaving his head quick before he gets in. Instead of just telling me that he was going to shave his head though, he went upstairs shaved it all off, then took this lovely mirror pic and then sent it to me from his phone. Um, hello??? I'm just Oh, and just a FYI - the pic is horrible. lol

Just when I thought things were going to be better for us for a bit I find out otherwise. I got an email from USAA telling me that they were sending out our lease payment to GMAC. Oops, we turned in the truck on 3/28, I must've only canceled April's payment and not deleted the payee like I thought I had. The payment cleared our account on Monday so yesterday I had Tom call to find out how and when they will send it back. Well, this phone call that I thought would last 5 min, laster nearly 45. To make a long story short, GMAC is claiming that they never received the odometer statement from the dealership we dropped it off at and the salesman we dropped it off with said he faxed it in. So, we are supposed to be notified in 24-48 hours whether or not its resolved. If it's resolved then after a 3rd party inspects the truck for excess mileage and wear then it will go to auction. Then once it's sold any excess money from the sale after paying fees for excess mileage and wear will be sent to us, in 5-8 weeks. Um, I don't think so. My contract with them ended on April 10, the truck was turned in far enough in advance. We called GMAC to let them know we dropped off the truck on the 28th and they said that the dealer already notified them. So we assumed everything was ok. Why didn't we get any kind of notice? I don't understand why GMAC having all the information of the salesman we dropped it off with, didn't call him and get things straightened out. I don't know why we have to wait 5-8 weeks to get our money. The whole thing started because of a mistake on my part and I fully admit that sending the payment was my fault - but geez people, communicate!

I've got to stop now, I'm irritated with the whole thing all over again. lol

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Charlene said...

rofl about him sending a picture to you when you were home!! :)