Friday, March 7, 2008

{already} gone

So, my brother and his friend arrived here at the house at about 11:30 this morning. He took the truck off the trailer then actually came in for awhile. I had to convince him to stay until Tommy got home from school. Since he agreed he came in and hung out with Anthony and Alex. We showed him all the cool things about the Wii and the Wii sports. He's convinced he needs to get one for himself now! lol They ended up leaving at 5 to head back. There's supposed to be a decent line of snow coming through and they didn't want to run into too much of it, so while I am a bit disappointed I understand.

When they left we ran to Wal-Mart to pick up some pictures we had left for developing, yes that's right, developing. We had 3 disposable cameras sitting around for awhile and figured it was time to find out what was on them. Our WM is "renovating" and it's the biggest PITA to maneuver around that store. Tom sold a pair of boots that were too small for him to another guy he works with, so with his money he wanted to get a new game. He decided on Army of Two. He says it's pretty good, a lot like Gears of War, in a way.

The boys received their Webkinz in the mail today. So we spent a few minutes setting up their accounts. It is a pretty cool little world they have for those little animals, almost makes me want one of my own. lol

So, I'm going to go now and try to get motivated to scrap some. I feel like I'm horribly behind. I know some months I'll do more than others, and I'm by no means on a time frame to get anything done, I just like to see the stories unfold. I really want to scrap about the time Tommy lost the keys to the car in the toilet on our last day we were in Florida. We don't have a photo of the incident in question since we were in such a panic to find them (it was the day we were leaving) but we do have pictures of our trip so I just need to find something that works.

Before I forget, I wanted to say Hi to my good friend Sam who started a blog for her family today. I'm so excited to see more of my friends in the blogging community, I've been blogging using WordPress for our family site for at least two years, longer even.

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