Saturday, March 22, 2008

new sweatshirt {love}

Anthony received a very special gift from my friend Kathy the other day. He loved it! He wore it on Friday and said to me, "Mom, how 'bout we take a picture?" So I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple shots. Unfortunately he insisted on standing in the chair with the light coming in at a bad angle, but we managed one or two acceptable pictures. Thank you Kathy!!

So tonight we had a big dinner since Tom won't be here tomorrow. It wasn't very put together or anything, no one but Tom was really hungry when everything was finished, so much for thinking that one through. lol All the food turned out good. Later we dyed 30 eggs. The color tab kit that Jackie brought didn't work so well so we had to send the boys back upstairs while we boiled some water to make it with the food coloring. In the end we have a lot of bright and funky colored eggs. I have photos but they are all orange due to the nasty lighting in my house.

Tomorrow is a lay around the house kind of day. I need to finish up with my laundry and maybe try to order some prints through Sams Club. I just showed Jackie the layouts I've done and I actually remembered to ask if Sue (my MiL) likes the scrapbook I gave her at Christmas. So, I'll be spending a small fortune to get some layouts printed out here at some point. I really want to get the ones printed that I just did. I should try to print them at home, at least some, or at least the ones for them.

It's getting a bit late, so I'm off for the night.

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