Monday, March 31, 2008

photography business

So, I've decided to start pursuing getting a photography business more. I figured I can get it all researched and things ready for when we move. I figure maybe in January I will be settled enough to get moving on it. I was considering starting now, but I didn't want to build a client base here then move in a few months (7 months almost). So, I need to decide on a name, I've been throwing ideas around with friends, but I just haven't said "This is it" to any one. One that I've been considering is Everyday Chaos Photography, this is the name of our family website. The other is Kelly My-Last-Name-Here Photography. It seems as though that's what everyone uses and I wanted to stand out a little, not that my last name is terribly common.

Here are some photos that I was finally able to upload. Tomorrow the boys have a dentist appointment in the morning, after we are going to get lunch I think then run to get a handful or groceries. Then it's home and time to look at the checkbooks and pay some bills. I'm still not sure whether or not Tommy will go to school or not, he didn't go today because I just couldn't get him to wake up. I really should take him, but it's been nice to have him home without anywhere we have to go.

At Port Discovery playing with the nearly life sized chess set.

Waiting outside in the courtyard for the adults to decide on where to have lunch.

The Hard Rock Cafe a few blocks away, where we finally decided to have lunch.

Anthony, Tommy, Jason, Tommy & Alex at the National Aquarium.

Jason petting a shark in Norfolk.

Alex playing with the water display in Norfolk.

A horseshoe crab that Tommy and Jason both got to touch.

Tommy finally got the courage to touch the horseshoe crab.

Anthony posing in a little boat on display.

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