Saturday, March 15, 2008

{shopping} relieves stress

Well, that's my story anyway. ;) This week ended up a bit better than it started considering that we found out the house wasn't on the foreclosure list anymore. Now it's back to wondering/worrying about our "big" move to CA this fall. My SiL and nephew will be here in less than a week to hang out with us over Spring Break. We are hoping to get up to Baltimore and DC while they are here, but I believe I already posted about that.

Today we had some nice retail therapy as a family. Tommy, Alex and I dropped off Anthony and Tom at the exchange for haircuts. We ran to the post office in Q-Town to drop off a couple packages, and as it would figure I still forgot one! After we were all back together again we took off for Payless, I saw an ad of theirs that said had Airwalks on sale. We came out of there with 3 pairs of shoes for under $55, which might still sound a bit high, but we did save some money and hey, $55 is less that what Tom and I spend on one pair of tennis shoes for ourselves. From there we headed to Best Buy, we just had to go and check out the new store in town. It's pretty small, considering the ones in Potomac Mills and Fredricksburg.

While we were at Best Buy we decided to check out their car audio dept. We were looking to upgrade the dash unit that is in the Expedition. We ended up leaving there to head up to the store in Potomac Mills because they had the system we wanted in stock, the Stafford store had it on sale for $300 off. So, off we ran. We get ourselves into so much trouble. But, after getting the title switched we will be done with the costs of it, well with the exception of back tires before we drive to CA.

Now, I'm off to play COD4. :)

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