Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I must be {crazy}

I stayed up entirely too late last night. Mr Man just didn't want to sleep, he kept trashing around and just wouldn't close his eyes. He laid down on me for about a half hour or so and I swore he was going to sleep, but no, he was just resting. So, I finally headed up to bed around 2am. The worst part, I wasn't tired. So I turned on some hopefully boring movie and then got some completely random idea to write down a "letter" to each of the kids of their likes and personalities for the moment. I am going to use it on a scrap page, but still, at 2am? Then, after I did one for Anthony, Tommy and Alex I got to thinking about how Tom and I will be married for 8 years this coming May. So, once I thought of that I had to write down a few thoughts on that.

Tommy heads to the bus in a minute or two and I'm seriously considering heading back to bed. I'm awake now though, so I might try to dive into some cleaning or organizing while Mr Man is still sleeping. I guess at least after staying up til nearly 3am writing out those letters I won't have to flip through pictures wondering what to do for my next layout when the mood strikes me to scrap. ;) lol

1 comment:

Lovingtolove said...

Girl you so crazy!!! lol Go to bed and sleep woman- I told you about that show I saw about sleep deprivation! lol much love homie!