Tuesday, March 25, 2008

busy days

It's been a lot of fun having Jackie & Jason here these past few days. But I must admit that I was really looking forward to sleeping in some. lol Though today was the only day we got up early for a reason. Tom took two days off of work so that we could all hang out and go do some things. So today we went up to Baltimore and went to Port Discovery and the National Aquarium. Port Aquarium was ok, I was under the impression that it was a science museum type center with hands on things for the kids, but it was more like a big hands on play ground. I was a bit disappointed with it, the kids had pretty good time and they do offer a military discount of $2 off per ticket. We ate lunch at the Hard Rock cafe and then decided to check out the aquarium. I was hoping they would also have a military or AAA discount, but the not-so-friendly woman at the ticket counter said they don't honor those there, how you are supposed to receive those discounts then is beyond me. Especially if you decide to go on a whim and the tickets are $22 per adult, any way we can save some money is appreciated. The kids enjoyed the aquarium though, and we spent a good amount of time there, so I guess it was money well spent.

I have a lot of pictures, but I need to re-size them so they don't take up all my storage space.

Yesterday we celebrated Tommy & Anthony's birthdays. I hope it was well worth the wait for them. They seemed to be super happy and enjoyed the attention and all the cool gifts they received. Tommy was very excited to get his beloved Pokemon Diamond game, especially since his cousin has Pearl and they can battle each other.

Well, I should remove my butt from the couch and do something productive, my laundry is piling up (and both boys complained about not having any jeans) and the house is just trashed. We aren't sure what we are doing tomorrow because right now it looks like Anthony doesn't feel so great, but we will see how he feels in the morning. I think we are looking at going to some of the caves that are somewhere kind of near here, going to DC, or a gold mine (Jason has a project to do on gold so when they were doing some research online they found there were some mines around here). If we go to DC we are going to go to the National Zoo (it's free! lol) and maybe one of the Smithsonian Museums. I am hoping to get some time on Thursday to get some organizing, house cleaning and some other things taken care of on my long list of "to get done eventually" things. lol

Here is a picture that I re-sized quick from our trip today.

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