Sunday, March 30, 2008

another Sunday over

So today was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing day at home. We were going to play games, catch up on housework and just hang out together. That was until we were finally able to track down a dash kit for our new head unit. Best Buy had an appointment for installation at 11am. We went to drop off the truck, let the boys spend their birthday money on a game each and then had to run to the BB in Fredricksburg because the one here didn't have the iPod cable. Off we went to get it and then back to drop it off. Finally at 1:45 it was done.

In the meantime we dropped off the packages at Staples and sent our fax into the NC DMV. We stopped and grabbed the boys some lunch and wandered around Target for a bit. We didn't get home until after 3pm. The install took a lot longer than I had anticipated. The boys were good though which is a plus, they like to give us a hard time when we go shopping so for their good behavior they each got a new set of Pokemon cards. I bought a laptop bag, brought it home to find that my laptop is just a tiny bit too long for the inside sleeve. I'm not sure whether or not I'll keep it. Maybe I'll keep looking and see if I find anything else I like. I can put it in the middle pouch, just not in the sleeve, which is obviously made to protect the computer a bit more. We'll see, I was just disappointed because I took the time to measure my laptop before leaving, measured the inside of the bag and checked the measurements on the tag and it should fit, but it doesn't.

The start of a new week is almost upon us, Tom has a busy week at work and there is always stuff here around the house to keep me busy. The older boys have dentist appointments on Tuesday and then on Friday, sometime during the day, we are leaving for NC to go hang out with Sam & Chris for the weekend.

Alex is still awake, big surprise there, so I am going to try to make myself productive and get my stuff ready to list on Craig's List and ebay, maybe even clean the kitchen. lol

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