Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hurry up and wait {update}

So Tom had his appointment with base legal this morning. We were hoping for good news, a twinkling of hope in this unfortunate situation we have stumbled into, but such is our luck, there wasn't any. The lawyer shed some light on things for us. He said we are in a lease, one way or another and our best bet legally and financially is to wait and see what happens on the 13th. So, Tom called Evelyn and left a message for her that the lawyer said we had to give mr lanlord 30 days notice and we can't pay for both places for the month of March. So, we wait and see.

I'm sad that I only have 13 more days left on my Lightroom trial. I really want to buy it, and if things go well with this house situation I just might. I edited some pictures I took yesterday and of the {hulk} hands incident. So, for your patience here are the photos :)

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