Thursday, March 13, 2008

Birthday Gifts

Spring Break is coming up. We've got to figure out what we are going to do with Jackie and Jason here visiting us. I have been itching to head up to Baltimore since we've lived here. So, again I check out some "things to do" near the Baltimore Inner Harbor and a lot of things came up. There is the Aquarium (expensive though for a family of 5), the Science Museum and the Port Discovery Children's Museum. The Children's Museum looks to be the cheapest and hopefully the most entertaining after the hour or so drive with the kiddos. So now all we need is a suggestion or two for some fairly inexpensive, family friendly restaurants in the Inner Harbor.

Tom came home early-ish from work today so we took our new-ish truck out for another drive (my turn this time!) and ran to Wal-Mart. We found that the new Best Buy in town is open. We bought some more of the kiddos birthday presents, although it's amazing that we can still pull one over on Anthony anymore. Tommy is getting the Bee Movie, Now That's What I Call Music 26, a Magnetix kit and his coveted Pokemon Diamond DS game. Anthony is getting Ben 10 Season 3 (not out quite yet, but just in time for his birthday), a Ben 10 dvd Transformation game, MechAssault ds game and the soundtrack from the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie (mainly because they sing Bad Day in the beginning and that is Anthony's "song").

With all that I should log off of here and pay attention to the episode of Lost that is on before I get too confused as to what's going on.

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