Saturday, March 1, 2008

let's ramble just a bit today

So, there is no real purpose of this post, except to get my mind off the current state of my life and immersed in other things for the time being at least.

First off, through a post at DST I found Lisa Leonard's blog. She makes custom hand-made jewelry, it's so nice. I briefly looked through the first couple pages of her blog and saw some nice things and enjoyed reading about her kids. The one piece that I really loved and hope will be able to manage to get (going to start hinting at the hubby for it for either the anniversary or Mother's Day lol) is this Sweet and Petite necklace.

And dare I say it, I have found two more sites worth wasting time on. ;) Click here to see my mini-city - find the button on the side to create your own. I haven't looked into this one too much and don't understand exactly what is required to do. Then there is Yuwie, it's like another myspace, but apparently there is a way to possibly get paid for clicks to your page. I still need to make mine pretty, but here is my Yuwie page.

So I think this is about all I can do for now, I feel as though I can't form a complete, competent sentence at the moment.

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