Friday, March 21, 2008

{cupcakes} for school

So, we made cupcakes for Tommy to take to school this morning. I just finished frosting them all, thankfully I made a couple extra because Anthony decided that he wanted to snag one. In about a an hour or so I will need to throw the other two boys into the car and take the cupcakes up to the school. I wanted Tommy to take them on the bus with him, but I don't think he'd be able to manage the container I put them in on the bus.

So today should be a busy day of cleaning and organizing. I decided to do something useful last night while Alex decided to stay up late and I backed up the entire contents of my laptop. Since I was feeling especially non-productive most of the day yesterday, I sat in my coushy computer chair and organized my scrap folders on the desktop. Then, I got it all backed up to my main EHD. Now I still need to work on getting my photos backed up, but at least we are making progress. My next plan of attack on the back-up front is to at least make 2 dvd copies of all of our photos, the 2nd copy I'm hoping either my grandparents or Tom's mom will hold onto for us. Hopefully I'll be covered. lol I know it probably sounds overly paranoid to have 4 back up copies, but I was the cause of a horrible EHD mishap about 2 years ago and it makes me sick to know that all that stuff is probably lost forever, all because of me. So, I am trying to take every precaution that I can (short of those online backup services like Mozy & Carbonite) to hopefully prevent the loss of everything should something happen to the computer. I think I need to put more dvd's on my list of things I need from the store.

Well, I should probably go make myself useful and get the kitchen cleaned up, or set my alarm and head back to bed for a bit. ;)

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Lovingtolove said...

Omgoodness Those look so yummy! Good picture! I totally get you on backing up your stuff so sucks to lose stuff!