Thursday, April 24, 2008

3 boys in bed at 9pm?

Say it isn't so?! Ah, it was...but unfortunately it didn't last long. As always I wanted to take care of a lot of things while they were sleeping and I didn't. I sat on my fat butt and watched tv, played online and sent out another ring tone to myself. Not as productive as I would have liked. And now it would figure that little man is awake.

Today I stayed in bed until nearly 11:30am, of course this was after taking Tommy to the bus stop for school. Alex didn't get up until slightly after noon, I was surprised. We should have ran errands today, but Alex still didn't look good and I figured I will need the fresh air tomorrow after being cooped up with them all by myself for 2 days.

We set up the new Xbox, thankfully it works. So the boys have the old tv from our room, the Wii, and a 360 in their room. Which is the reason we had the entitled talk tonight, because they didn't finish cleaning up their room by 9 they didn't get to put on a movie. They have been real brats lately, I don't know why, but I've decided that it's not sliding anymore. I'm just tired of it.

I need to get some statues up on ebay to see if they will sell before we have the garage sale. I have the photos done already, just need to weigh them in a box and write up the descriptions. It shouldn't take long once I get going. I stayed up until 3:30 last night fixing & watermarking the photos. I'm hoping to make enough money either on ebay or through the garage sale to treat myself to a haircut and possibly a pedicure at some point.

Well, since I'm up I should go test some actions for my designer, I keep missing when she releases them for testing so the testing for CS3 has already been done. I really need to do something to earn my keep. lol

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