Monday, April 21, 2008

just another Monday

So, it was just another dreary Monday here. It rained on & off all day, just as it did yesterday, and apparently we have the exact same day in store for us tomorrow.

I felt very motivated to get things done today and thought I was getting a lot of things done until 3pm rolled around and I realized that I really hadn't gotten much done. I put clean sheets on my bed, and made it up all nice and neat. I also cleaned out the small closet that is in our bathroom, I threw things out & re-organized it, I also wiped down the sinks and sorted out the towels underneath the sinks. I put all the folded laundry away and did two more loads.

I've been lazy since Tom got home from work, I've been sitting watching the last of The Office Season 2. Good thing that I picked up Season 3 last week when it was $19.99 at Best Buy because the last episode of Season 2 made me wonder what happened! lol Tom is on his smoke break at the moment and I must say that I'm slightly irritated that he hasn't said anything about how good I've been doing about not smoking. It's 1 week today, it hasn't been an easy week. But instead of him letting me know how good I'm doing or anything, he tells me tonight that I should be proud that he went without a smoke for over 2 hours after we ate dinner. Sure buddy...I'll get right on that. Once you've decided to acknowledge that I've been trying to not have one for a week.

Yeah, I'm a bit irritated at the moment...sorry

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