Sunday, April 20, 2008

my {poor} boy

Poor Alex, after going outside to play yesterday his nose started running and his eyes got all puffy. I thought for sure that it would ease up once coming in and it was just allergies. He looked so miserable last night so I went searching through our medicines to find something. We have Clairitin, but it said non-drowsy and by the time I found it it was after 11pm. So, he woke up even more miserable looking this morning and so we gave him some. I don't think it has helped him at all so I think Tom will be picking up some Benadryl when he runs to the exchange to get his hair cut. He's so happy though, so I'm not too concerned.

Of course I took some photos this morning as he was playing with his breakfast. I also made a couple new watermarks (anyone care to leave a comment on which one looks best?) to try out.

I also finished a two page layout for our day trip to Baltimore over Spring Break. Tom and I stayed up late and enjoyed rain and thunderstorms that we had last night. We slept in late this morning and since the bigger boys were being good when I finally crawled out of bed I let Tom sleep in until noon. Yep, that's right, noon. And do you know that when he came downstairs he was yelling (or raising his voice) at the bigger boys within 5 minutes? Ugh, come on man...

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Lovingtolove said...

Aww poor Alex, I hope it gets better!

ps I like the last one :)