Monday, April 14, 2008

Webkinz...need more Webkinz

Yeah, so maybe that's a bit over-dramatic, but that's about how I'm feeling at the moment. I had wanted to get the boys one each (for the older two anyway) and saw a couple for between $4 and $7 on Amazon. So, I asked Tommy tonight to pick 3 animals he'd like to have and he rattled off a wolf, a wild cat (tiger or something similar), and then he caught a glimpse of a black horse on amazon and he was in love. I sent him up to bed with a reminder that I didn't make any promise that we'd get anything because I didn't want to spend much money.

So, 15 minutes later I am the winner of 2 ebay auctions. lmao Impulsive much?? This cute little basset hound puppy and Tommy's black stallion that he wanted so much. 2 webkinz for less that $20, I think I did pretty good. I saw some that I wanted, but I really can't justify that. I'll just use the codes that Alex gets on his, at least until he's old enough to play with them himself. ;) lol

Tom and I decided on cell phones to buy. Our contract with Sprint ends shortly and we are going to switch to Verizon since MIL & SIL have it and so do a few of my friends. Maybe when we move out to CA we can just get local phone service and cut our bills down a bit. I originally wanted the Alias phone, mainly because they were running a deal buy one get one free. The price of one was $80, two weeks ago. Last week they were running $100, so I had to re-think the purchase. Tom checked tonight to let me know which one he liked and he said that the Alias' were running $130 this week! So, we've agreed on the LG enV, he wants his in green, and I'll probably end up with the white/silver one because although the orange isn't horrible - I'm not that fond of it.

I did ok today in my quest for organization and de-cluttering. I had about 6 rubbermaid bins in my room full of clothes for the kids. Now there are only 3, there are 3 packed moving boxes in hte basement, but they are packed full of baby clothes and blankets. Things that we won't need but can't part with, at least not yet. I used one of the empty bins to contain our pile of sweatshirts that used to live on the floor in our closet. Some of the clothes I was going to send off to Goodwill I set aside for Tom to take to work, someone he works with has a small baby and said that he would take whatever we would give him. So, he's getting a paper grocery bag, diaper box and plastic grocery bag full of stuff. I also went through some of my cd's last night (although I can't find our entire cd collection) and the ones I was sure I wouldn't want again I ripped onto my computer and set aside. I emailed my brother and asked him if wanted any of them and he said yes. So, once I have finished with my cd library overhaul, he's going to be getting a box of cd's.

It's just after 11pm and Alex is still awake, so I should try to go get something productive done. Maybe fold the load of towels that are still chillin' in the dryer...or maybe I'll just curl up on the couch and watch Meet the Robinsons with Mr Man.

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