Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have lots of clutter. Things of all sorts are spilling out of every room in my house. We try to not keep things we no longer need, we try to keep up with recycling, shredding etc., but after a while our good intentions are derailed by something (usually our own laziness, but sometimes it's other things).

There are a couple of places that I would so love to have clutter free. My kitchen, our computer room and my room. I can deal with minimal amounts of clutter in the bathrooms and closets. The boys rooms aren't too bad; the toy room is another story but we deal with it the best we can. After all, we do have 3 small boys and while they are under 1 yr we can get away with telling family that they don't need toys because we held onto toys the others played with. Even this though is getting to be slightly overwhelming. There are things I just want to get rid of, but DH insists that we keep, and vice versa.

Today, while trying to watch There Will Be Blood, I came across this site called Unclutterer. There were a lot of neat ideas, wireless products and sites mentioned. Reading over that blog has given me some good ideas and hopefully some motivation to de-clutter and organize my house. I'm hoping to get some of it done this week. I need to make a plan, start with one room and finish that room before I begin another.

So...those are my rambling thoughts for the night. My organization & de-cluttering may start tonight, Alex is still taking his "nap" and it's 8:40pm. Or, maybe I'll get the inspiration I need to finish up the 2pg layout I started today.

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