Saturday, April 19, 2008

Making Progress

So, slowly but surely I am making progress in the de-cluttering & organizing of our house. I really wanted to focus on one room at a time to see the progress being made, but I've been fluttering from room to room, from project to project. I think my main reason is that it has been 5 days since I've had a cigarette and that is huge for me. I quit for two weeks, ok so I almost quit, back in February. Right around my two week mark was when we found out that our landlord's house might be foreclosed, I headed right outside. So, when I feel the urge to smoke I just move on to another project or room instead of going outside.

The new shelf with cubbies is put together and in its home against the wall. I spent the majority of the morning alphabetizing our movies, I also made a list of them so I can update our movie list on the family blog. We have 405. Yeah, I know...and that doesn't include box sets or tv on dvd sets. As I was going through them I made notes of which ones I would like to see removed from our collection, of the 405 I found 20 that I was certain I wouldn't care to see leave. When Tom got home from work I had him go through the cds to see which ones I wanted then I 'buttered him up' by suggesting he should play games for a bit, after awhile I sprung the spring cleaning of dvd titles on him. It was a hard process for him and he didn't agree with all of my suggestions, but we probably took 10 or more out. He's going to give them to his friend MS at work.

I even got the boys into the cleaning of their movie titles, out of all the movies I could find cases & discs for they got rid of almost a diaper box full. I am quite proud of them. We meant to go through their gameboy games tonight but we forgot. It feels good to know that we might actually be able to rid our house of this stuff that we haven't used and get some money for it.

Tomorrow Tom has offered to take the kids (all of them! although I don't think I'll punish him like that) to the commissary for some grocery shopping. I just might take him up on the offer of him going and me staying at home, I think I'll keep the littlest man here with me since he sometimes likes to try jump from the cart. The oldest two should be good helpers for him.

I think it's time for me to log off of here for the night. Little man is covering himself up on the floor with a blanket. Bedtime may be near???

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