Thursday, April 24, 2008

On the housing wait list

Ok, so since Tom is so super busy each and everyday at work I was tasked with faxing our application to the housing office. So, we are on the list! I made Tom call and verify that they received our fax when he arrived home.

I also ran to Giant to get bananas and 2 liters of Coke for drinks this weekend and to Wal-Mart for the movie releases of the week and a box of diapers for little man. Then I came home and didn't do much of anything else. Oh, wait...I did get 6 auctions listed on ebay. Cross your fingers that they sell, and for a decent price.

I discovered my debit card for one of my bank accounts is missing. Yeah, so I've got to tear the house apart and look for it tomorrow. I also realized that tomorrow is the 'last day' according the the county website to register Anthony for kindergarten in the fall. So, we will also be doing that tomorrow. I'm currently listening to Tom complain and have fits about the trash that is so full that it won't come out of the can without a fight. I wonder if he remembers he's the one that likes to push the trash down to cram more in?

Ok, now to finish this thing...I've only been working on it since about 7:30 or so, it's 11:45 now. So, here are the pictures that I was working on to share. So, since I forgot everything else I meant to blog about, I'll leave you with these. :) The boys decided that I couldn't make Anthony's bed after their bath, so I decided to play with my camera while they jumped and had fun.

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