Wednesday, April 16, 2008

new cellphone {love}

So, our new cellphones arrived via FedEx this afternoon. When Tom came home he called to get them activated and we've been sitting here since finishing our dinner entering in our contacts and figuring out how to work all the gadgets. I found out that my laptop has bluetooth capabilities and can communicate with my phone. Bonus! lol I was able to get one song to transfer, but after that they all ended in failure. So right now I am waiting for my turn in line at Mobile17 to see if their service works for my phone. There is an article on Lifehacker about making a ringtone from mp3's.

Last night we ran out to Ikea to get my Expedit bookcase for the computer area. I was inspired by a post on Tara Whitney's blog about her loft space. So, being the copy-cat that I am, I went out and got the same shelf system and 5 baskets. I'm not sure how I feel about the baskets though they are a little lighter in color than I would like, so I might run to Michael's before settling on those baskets. It's sitting in pieces in the front room at the moment. I was hoping that I was going to have time to get it put together today, but I was more interested in a shower when little man finally decided to take a nap this afternoon. Maybe I will attempt getting it together in a bit, he's sure to be awake though. There's really no rush though, I can't move the cabinet with the glass doors by myself, so I should probably wait. We'll see.

Well, it doesn't look like I'll get to finish this with the pictures I wanted to post, so that'll give me a reason to post tomorrow ;)

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