Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday Already?!

Wow, I can't believe that it's the middle of the week already! Tommy has a short day at school tomorrow and no school on Friday. I sure hope he sleeps in on Friday, I know I plan on it! ;) lol I just went through his folder from school and one of his reading quizzes says that they are 78% through the school year. I really can't believe that time has been going by so fast. It is currently homework time at my house, Tommy is on his last worksheet, which will mean in a few short minutes I will be bombarded with questions about playing games.

I finished a layout the other night, I'll post it later, I'm using the desktop at the moment. I boxed up some baby clothes that we are keeping. According to my dear, sweet hubby we are seriously considering another. lol So, with that being said I figured I would box up the clothes we were keeping so that hopefully *cross your fingers* TMO won't come in here in un-pack it. I was thoroughly frustrated when they unpacked so much of my stuff when we moved from NC. They threw things in boxes together that just didn't make sense. Besides the fact that it took forever to sort through the clothes again, I had everything divided into rubbermaid storage bins by size.

Anyway...I need to go do something productive before the hubby comes home...the house looks like a tornado just went through it.

I've been some-what productive since posting earlier. I've listed some things on ebay, DH came home and he made dinner so I cleaned up some old emails and here is the layout I finished the other night. Tom is set to play games tonight so maybe I'll get some time to do another.

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