Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i {heart} Ikea

Man, I love that store. I don't like walking around it with my children though. lol Each time we are there I forget that they have the kids play area that you can leave them at, I keep meaning to try it out. We went to pick up the Expedit bookcase that I wanted, along with the baskets to go in the cubbies. We picked up 5 baskets, I don't see a need for more than that, but we'll see. There were a few other misc. containers that I wanted to pick up but we ran right by most of the lower area so that we could get the kids some hot dogs (Alex crammed 3 bags of fruit snacks into his mouth before we made it to the elevator to go to the lower level).

I had high hopes that we would be able to get it put up tonight, but I don't think that is going to happen. Tom has to be at work by 5:15am which means he'll be in bed by 10 tonight. Maybe I'll start getting it put together in the morning if Alex decides to sleep in. We'll see, it can always wait until the weekend too.

3 of my 5 ebay auctions sold! :D That makes me happy, and hopeful that maybe I can sell some of this other stuff I have and get it out of here. I have quite a few USMC statues that I thought were going to be a wonderful keepsake when I first got them, now I just look at them and see the money I wasted. Figures.

The two younger boys and I ventured out today, thankfully they were good. We picked up a cd for Tom's birthday, I just need to think of something else to get for him. I also ordered our phones from Verizon today. And as it would be my luck, when I got on there today to order them they were no longer offering the free activation and free overnight shipping if you ordered by 5pm. Needless to say I was a bit irked, I waited to order them during the day today so that I could take advantage of saving $60 in activation fees. Oh well, they are ordered and we should have our spiffy new enV's in our hands in a couple of days.

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