Tuesday, April 22, 2008

photography seminar & trade show

So today I find on the floor a tri-fold invitation to some 'Captivated By The Light' Seminar and Trade Show. It's offering a $30 savings if you pre-register online using a special code. I checked out the cities and there are quite a few within about 2 hours from here. I thought that maybe one of two of Tom's friends (the only two I trust with the boys) would watch them for a few hours. So, I finally got up the nerve to mention it to Tom (he's been testy all night) and he said maybe, what dates, etc. So, I got the mail and told him, oh yeah, nevermind, the one in Richmond is on the 5th - which happens to be the day that Tom leaves for Norfolk for the week. Ugh, this figures. So, now I figure we won't go because Tom hates to ask people to watch the kids and normally I do too. But I think it might be a good idea to get away for 4 hours or so, especially since the one in Chantilly is the 4th so we would get away together for a bit without the kids. So, he tells me he'll ask his one friend on Thursday after he gets out of the field.

Oh well. I don't know if it will be beneficial, but at $20 each to go it's not bad.

I've got this layout I'm horribly stuck on, I just can't get the title to work for me. I took out some more boxes of stuff priced for the garage sale today. I unpacked 3 boxes that I packed up when we thought we were going to be moving. I managed to get down in the basement to pick up the ripped up boxes that Alex managed to destroy.

Oh, did I mention that last night Alex busted his face on the table while trying to shimmy down off the chair? Yep, he did. Wish I had gotten a picture of it, but making sure his blood wasn't flying everywhere was a bit more important. His tooth cut the outside of his chin and his top teeth got jammed up into his gums and there was a lot of blood. So he has a lovely fat lip today.

I probably need to go now...he's still awake and I'm getting very aggravated with him.

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